Party Like A Stuntman

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a stuntman on a Hollywood film set, you’ve come to the right place. Our company brings the party to you with all sorts of amusement rentals including Sky Fall. Sky Fall simulates what it’s like for a stuntman to fall from a building, seemingly a dangerous fall. The good news is that the stuntmen (and you) will fall right onto an air bed below them.

This attraction can be an exciting thing for any group at a variety of different occasions. It’s perfect for a Hollywood themed party where you can literally feel what it’s like to be in the movies. Maybe someone who is graduating is heading from the East coast to Los Angeles. Perhaps the person of honor at the party just really loves action movies. The Sky Fall is just plain exciting!

Zero Shock Technology

The thing that keeps stuntmen safe is what is called “zero shock technology.” This brings your experience to life on your day as a stuntman. This technology is the most advanced shock absorbing technology in the world. This feature allows every jump and every party goer to be safe while having tons of fun.

Your Party Will Be Attended

DJ Phantom has experienced staff to help keep you and your guests safe at every one of your events where you rent some of our entertainment equipment. Contact us for your next fun event!

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