Getting Sudsy At Foam Dance Parties

Foam and dancing seem to be two things that don’t go together. Dancing is great exercise and it’s easy to break a sweat while doing it. Foam is fun and it cools you down. The question might be why not put foam and dancing together? Dancers will be contained in an inflatable dance floor where foam is plentiful and constantly moving around. Add music and you have yourself a dance party! Foam dance parties became popular in the electronic music scene and have expanded from there. A foam dance party turns your backyard into a club!

In case you need some songs for your playlist at your foam dance party, here’s a few ideas:

  • Outkast “So Fresh So Clean”
  • The Monkees “Good Clean Fun”
  • TLC “No Scrubs”
  • Rose Royce “Car Wash”
  • Christina Aguilera “Dirty”

These are just some suggestions of great songs that remind us of, well, soap!

If you’re worried about safety, all of our activities are supervised by our staff, so we can ensure all equipment is properly functioning during a party for the safety of your guests. You can provide your own music or for an additional fee, we can set you up with a professional DJ. Our foam parties are also available in two size basins- large or extra large. Whatever you choose, we promise you’ll have a blast at your foam dance party!


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