Why Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event

This summer, it’s going to be hot. People will appreciate any way that they can cool down. Luckily, Phantom Entertainment has some great options to keep the fun going and cool the temperatures flowing at the same time. From slip n slides to inflatable water slides to wet obstacle courses, our company has a wide variety of wet and cool amusements for you. We even offer a fun, challenging game of water tag! Phantom Entertainment can help you set up the ultimate summer soaker for your organization’s next event.

All you need is an outdoor power source and a water source to run any of these amusements and we can easily hook you up to summer fun! These inflatable amusements are fun for all ages. You can easily create a themed party with just a a few different kind of slides or other inflatable water amusements. Mix and match with Phantom Entertainment’s array of choices to create a theme party. Rent our mechanical surf simulator, pirate photo novelties, or a ride-on mechanical shark for the ultimate water-themed event.

The best part is that all of our rides and amusements come with attendants. You just have to provide the space and we take care of the rest! Contact PhantomEntertainment today for more information and let us help you start planning the perfect summer event for our organization. Phantom Entertainment is ready for summer, how about you?


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