Throw More Than Just A Super Bowl Party This Year

The Super Bowl is coming up soon. Every year people gather together to throw what they think is an awesome Super Bowl party. We’re not trying to knock the average party, but at DJ Phantom we do parties and events a little different. Think of it like we bring the carnival to you! Here are some epic attractions that will make your Super Bowl party better than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Just because there is a football game on, doesn’t mean everything has to stop. For those people who would rather party than sit and watch, our Inflatable Games and Obstacle Courses provide excitement and unintentional competition. Obstacle courses are a great inflatable party rental. These allow 2 people at a time to race through and challenge each other.

Speaking of competition, DJ Phantom has the most competitive games to play while the Super Bowl game is playing in the background. Everyone at the party will forget about the football game when you tell them about the Gladiator Joust. After a few drinks, testosterone runs wild so it’s easy to enjoy yourself with this attraction.

Contact DJ Phantom today and reserve your inflatable party rentals before Super Bowl Sunday!


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