New Escape Rooms Are Now Available For Rent From Phantom Entertainment

Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Is getting out of mazes kind of a hobby to you? We have something unique that will interest anyone who answered yes to both of those questions. Think of the modern day version of Clue, but with different themes. Phantom Entertainment is excited to introduce our NEW Escape Rooms.

You and a group of friends (up to 8 people) will work together to solve challenging and unique clues, puzzles, and codes. Escape before time runs out! We have different themed Escape Rooms depending on the vibe of your group and event. These are perfect for Team Building and Company Retreats.

These Escape Rooms are not just mechanical puzzles but include electronics and video countdown timers, so expect to feel the pressure. The Abandoned Mansion escape room scenario is exclusive to Phantom Entertainment. Many of the challenges and puzzles cannot be found at any other entertainment company.

Escape Rooms Available For Rent:

  • The Mansion
  • The Fallout Bunker
  • Mummy Resurrection
  • Area 51 (Available April 1, 2018)

Coming Soon

  • Phantom Zone
  • Escape The 70s

If you’re concerned about space don’t worry, we have portable indoor versions of the Escape Rooms. All of the challenges, puzzles, and fun are exactly the same. Contact us today to find out upcoming availability on Escape Room Attractions.

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