Host An Outdoor Event For The Neighborhood

Now is a perfect time to host an outdoor event or party in your neighborhood. Bring your community closer together with awesome activities and games for kids and adults. We’ve never had a disappointed party because most everything we offer is unique and exclusive to Phantom Entertainment Services.inflatable-obstacle-courseOur inflatable party rentals include Obstacle courses and mazes. Fun for competition especially for an outdoor event! Pick teams and race against your friend or foe. So many choices to choose from you might have to throw a few parties to experience everything. Add some laughs to the party with Harley The Hog!harley-the-hogEver Zip-lined through the air from one point to another? If not don’t worry. You can now Rent a Mobile Zip Line for your next event! Take a leap of faith on top of a 28ft high platform and zip on down to the other dreams of being a Hollywood stunt person? The new SkyFall Stunt Jump lets you fall into one of those inflated beds safely and as many times as you want. It will turn your outdoor event into a movie!skyfall-stunt-jumpContact us today and we’ll help you get the event set up. Reserve these games and inflatable rentals early because they get checked out quick. (800) 357 4269



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