Throw the Ultimate Back To School Party With Inflatable Games

As the end of the summer steadily approaches, this means back to school planning. While a large part of this is comprised of school supply shopping, backpack stuffing, and stress – there’s a way to make it fun, too. Throw a back to school party! This can be done in a variety of ways, but here at DJ Phantom, we think inflatable games are a pretty cool option.

Escape Rooms.

Our newest addition to our catalog of inflatable games is escape rooms. An escape room is a unique and exciting thing to have at a back to school party because it encourages thinking skills as well as group interaction.

Obstacle Courses.

These are everybody’s personal favorite. Obstacle courses are the perfect way to release any end of summer energy and prepare for the obstacle course of the upcoming school year. Plus, they’re great for team building exercises.

Bounce Houses.

Need we say more? Bounce houses are incredibly fun. They’re perfect for all ages and are always a wonderful addition to any part. Especially a back to school party.

Laser Tag.

Laser tag is always one of the hits at parties with inflatable games. Usually, you have to pay a ton of money to take your friends and go to a local laser tag arena. However, with this inflatable game, laser tag comes to you. This is great for large groups and groups of all ages.

At DJ Phantom, we believe back to school doesn’t have to be so boring. Find out how we can help today with inflatable games for a back to school party.

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