Mobile Game Rentals: How You Can Spice Up Any Party on a Budget

When planning a party, perhaps for Halloween, birthdays, or any upcoming occasion – one of the biggest questions is how to take the party up a notch. Sure, you have a theme, some decorations, and cake (of course.) However, there’s always that unique touch that can take the party to an entirely new level. That’s where we come in. With mobile game rentals, you can spice up any party. Even more – you can do this on a budget.

A Few Types of Mobile Game Rentals

Foam Dance Parties.

This one is a crowd pleaser and one that’s not very common. You can actually rent a foam dance party right to your backyard. This party is replete with our large inflatable pool-like containers, foam generators, and plenty of beats (or choose your own music.)

Stuff a Bear.

If you are in the midst of planning a young child’s birthday party, this one might be a total game changer. Who hasn’t passed similar store in a mall and looked on longingly? We bring that experience to you. With our mobile stuffing studio, guests can choose their own animals and bring it to life before their eyes.

Those are just to name a few. We offer so many more mobile game rentals that can spice up any party you plan on hosting soon. Get in touch to tell us about any ideas you have and we would love to work together to help you throw the biggest and best party on a budget!

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