The Great Outdoors: This is the perfect rental for an outdoor movie night

Just picture it: The leaves have found their way to the ground, the sun has gone down earlier in the day, your family is outside with a fire and blankets. Before the snow hits the ground, there is still a reason to spend quality time outdoors. An outdoor movie night is a great idea for a neighborhood block party or an intimate night with the entire family (family reunion style).

In that regard, we’re bringing a whole new meaning to “movie night” with our giant, inflatable movie screens.

Offered in two different sizes (large or super large), you can rent out our giant movie screens to indulge in a cinematic adventure outside. If you’re a business, why not host a movie night before the holidays with your team. This is a great way to watch all your favorites. If you’re looking for something on our site that doesn’t scream “kid party”, this is it. Celebrate a 30th birthday, or even celebrate an engagement with a slide of photos of the lucky couple.

Easy to manage, this is a fast and easy rental option. It’s great for the kids and the adults. Enjoy the crisp cold air and snuggle up under the stars for this one.

Remember to check out our site for measurements.

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