Portable Escape Rooms are Changing the Game

The popularity of escape rooms is still holding strong. For any thrill seekers that love a good mystery or solving problems, this is a great game to participate in. Our portable escape rooms give you the same thrill in a smaller space. Because of this, the rooms are meant to be finished in around 15 minutes (versus the hour-long time limit in most).

Where to take our portable escape rooms

Really, you could plant these anywhere for your party or social event. If you’ve got enough floor space, you’re all set. With the temperatures dropping to unbearable degrees, this is the ideal solution for keeping the excitement going. It’s an activity everyone can enjoy.

Renting our options

Most importantly, we want everyone to be able to have fun. Our escape rooms are priced to include two different scenarios. That way, more people can play and there’s less waiting time. We also have several options to choose from. Most noteworthy,  we have a Fallout Bunker, which asks you to escape after a nuclear attack. This one includes hi-tech electronic challenges you won’t find in other bunks. Another popular option is the Mummy Resurrection. Gather all the clues and solve the puzzles available to escape the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of Kings.

Start your fun with us!

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