Portable Escape Rooms are Changing the Game

The popularity of escape rooms is still holding strong. For any thrill seekers that love a good mystery or solving problems, this is a great game to participate in. Our portable escape rooms give you the same thrill in a smaller space. Because of this, the rooms are meant to be finished in around 15 minutes (versus the hour-long time limit in most).

Where to take our portable escape rooms

Really, you could plant these anywhere for your party or social event. If you’ve got enough floor space, you’re all set. With the temperatures dropping to unbearable degrees, this is the ideal solution for keeping the excitement going. It’s an activity everyone can enjoy.

Renting our options

Most importantly, we want everyone to be able to have fun. Our escape rooms are priced to include two different scenarios. That way, more people can play and there’s less waiting time. We also have several options to choose from. Most noteworthy,  we have a Fallout Bunker, which asks you to escape after a nuclear attack. This one includes hi-tech electronic challenges you won’t find in other bunks. Another popular option is the Mummy Resurrection. Gather all the clues and solve the puzzles available to escape the tomb of Seti I in the Valley of Kings.

Start your fun with us!


Mobile Game Rentals: How You Can Spice Up Any Party on a Budget

When planning a party, perhaps for Halloween, birthdays, or any upcoming occasion – one of the biggest questions is how to take the party up a notch. Sure, you have a theme, some decorations, and cake (of course.) However, there’s always that unique touch that can take the party to an entirely new level. That’s where we come in. With mobile game rentals, you can spice up any party. Even more – you can do this on a budget.

A Few Types of Mobile Game Rentals

Foam Dance Parties.

This one is a crowd pleaser and one that’s not very common. You can actually rent a foam dance party right to your backyard. This party is replete with our large inflatable pool-like containers, foam generators, and plenty of beats (or choose your own music.)

Stuff a Bear.

If you are in the midst of planning a young child’s birthday party, this one might be a total game changer. Who hasn’t passed similar store in a mall and looked on longingly? We bring that experience to you. With our mobile stuffing studio, guests can choose their own animals and bring it to life before their eyes.

Those are just to name a few. We offer so many more mobile game rentals that can spice up any party you plan on hosting soon. Get in touch to tell us about any ideas you have and we would love to work together to help you throw the biggest and best party on a budget!

Throw the Ultimate Back To School Party With Inflatable Games

As the end of the summer steadily approaches, this means back to school planning. While a large part of this is comprised of school supply shopping, backpack stuffing, and stress – there’s a way to make it fun, too. Throw a back to school party! This can be done in a variety of ways, but here at DJ Phantom, we think inflatable games are a pretty cool option.

Escape Rooms.

Our newest addition to our catalog of inflatable games is escape rooms. An escape room is a unique and exciting thing to have at a back to school party because it encourages thinking skills as well as group interaction.

Obstacle Courses.

These are everybody’s personal favorite. Obstacle courses are the perfect way to release any end of summer energy and prepare for the obstacle course of the upcoming school year. Plus, they’re great for team building exercises.

Bounce Houses.

Need we say more? Bounce houses are incredibly fun. They’re perfect for all ages and are always a wonderful addition to any part. Especially a back to school party.

Laser Tag.

Laser tag is always one of the hits at parties with inflatable games. Usually, you have to pay a ton of money to take your friends and go to a local laser tag arena. However, with this inflatable game, laser tag comes to you. This is great for large groups and groups of all ages.

At DJ Phantom, we believe back to school doesn’t have to be so boring. Find out how we can help today with inflatable games for a back to school party.

The Thrilling Side of Inflatable Game Rentals

For the adrenaline junkies, the thrill-seekers, and the downright bold – sometimes regular inflatable game rentals may not be enough. Luckily, we offer more. (A lot more.) From borderline dangerous leaps of faith to competitive play, game rentals can provide a day full of exhilarating activity. Here are a few examples of thrilling inflatable game rentals.

Mobile Zip Line

If launching 90 feet through the air while only holding on by your hands above you sounds exciting, zip lines might be the thing for you. With mobile zip lines, the fun comes right to your door (or rather, lawn) and be quickly set up. 100-120 people per hour can zip line.

Skyfall Stunt Jump

This is a game to rival the Hollywood movies. With two different heights to jump from and a Zero Shock technology landing pad, you can safely jump from theoretical burning buildings without the cost of a big budget movie.


Bring the competition straight to you with mobile paintball. This experience is optimal for competitive quick play, providing the opportunity for 2v2 or 3v3 games. The paintball mobile game comes with the arena, paintball guns, air tanks, paintballs, protective wear, referees, and bunkers.

Explore our inflatable game rentals here.

Embrace Your Inner Child This Summer With Inflatable Games

It’s a universal truth that when parents and adults book inflatable games for children, they look on longingly with a ping of equal parts nostalgia and envy. The doubts come from a nice blend of “I’m much too old for this” and “I don’t want to impose” – but this summer, we encourage you to let all of that go. With our adult-friendly options, inflatable games don’t have to be a kids menu of summer entertainment services. Come on. We dare you to let loose.

Whether you are hosting a summer BBQ, a movie night, or a birthday/festive occasion, here are a few inflatable games options for entertaining your ages 21+ friends this summer:

Summer doesn’t have to be reserved for the kids.

Whether you are in your 20s and looking for a unique experience to have with friends or a parent looking for a weekend away from the kids, we’ve got just the thing for you.

Our experts can help plan the perfect summer party, replete with inflatable games and entertainment services. You can mix and match or create a themed event – request a quote today.

Month of May means Warmer Weather for Outdoor Events and Graduation Parties

Time flies when you’re having fun! Cliche, but true. Here we are in May and there is no slowing down in sight. This month is a good time to start planning your Outdoor Events and Graduation Parties. Maybe one weekend you decide to throw a party at the park. What goes perfectly with Parks and lots of people? Outdoor Inflatables games and activities, of course!

Our Outdoor Water Attractions only come out when the weather is right. We offer several different Wet Inflatables that are great for the long hot summer days and nights.water-inflatable-attractionsOutdoor Wet Inflatables for Rent – Find more information and prices here.

  • Super Slide and Splash
  • Wipeout Water Slide
  • Super Splash Double Water Slide
  • Tropical Slip n Slide
  • Water Tag
  • Tropical Island Wet/Dry Obstacle Course
  • Tropical Water Slide

Other fun Outdoor inflatable attraction for groups is the “Volcano Island” Rock Walls. During the night you can have yourself a good old-fashioned Blacklight Dodgeball Game. You provide the room or gym and we’ll provide everything else!blacklight-dodgeballPlanning a graduation party? We have some fun inflatables that are perfect for those young adults. The Disco Dome is always a hit with millennials. You can provide a DJ or we can provide one of our many Epic Phantom DJ’s. If the Grad’s really wanna get wild, you can rent the Foam Dance Party. The following pictures tell you everything you need to know.disco-dome-dance-partyContact Phantom Entertainment today if you have any questions or you want to make rental reservations.

Host An Outdoor Event For The Neighborhood

Now is a perfect time to host an outdoor event or party in your neighborhood. Bring your community closer together with awesome activities and games for kids and adults. We’ve never had a disappointed party because most everything we offer is unique and exclusive to Phantom Entertainment Services.inflatable-obstacle-courseOur inflatable party rentals include Obstacle courses and mazes. Fun for competition especially for an outdoor event! Pick teams and race against your friend or foe. So many choices to choose from you might have to throw a few parties to experience everything. Add some laughs to the party with Harley The Hog!harley-the-hogEver Zip-lined through the air from one point to another? If not don’t worry. You can now Rent a Mobile Zip Line for your next event! Take a leap of faith on top of a 28ft high platform and zip on down to the other side.mobile-zip-lineHave dreams of being a Hollywood stunt person? The new SkyFall Stunt Jump lets you fall into one of those inflated beds safely and as many times as you want. It will turn your outdoor event into a movie!skyfall-stunt-jumpContact us today and we’ll help you get the event set up. Reserve these games and inflatable rentals early because they get checked out quick. (800) 357 4269