New Escape Rooms Are Now Available For Rent From Phantom Entertainment

Do you enjoy solving mysteries? Is getting out of mazes kind of a hobby to you? We have something unique that will interest anyone who answered yes to both of those questions. Think of the modern day version of Clue, but with different themes. Phantom Entertainment is excited to introduce our NEW Escape Rooms.

You and a group of friends (up to 8 people) will work together to solve challenging and unique clues, puzzles, and codes. Escape before time runs out! We have different themed Escape Rooms depending on the vibe of your group and event. These are perfect for Team Building and Company Retreats.

These Escape Rooms are not just mechanical puzzles but include electronics and video countdown timers, so expect to feel the pressure. The Abandoned Mansion escape room scenario is exclusive to Phantom Entertainment. Many of the challenges and puzzles cannot be found at any other entertainment company.

Escape Rooms Available For Rent:

  • The Mansion
  • The Fallout Bunker
  • Mummy Resurrection
  • Area 51 (Available April 1, 2018)

Coming Soon

  • Phantom Zone
  • Escape The 70s

If you’re concerned about space don’t worry, we have portable indoor versions of the Escape Rooms. All of the challenges, puzzles, and fun are exactly the same. Contact us today to find out upcoming availability on Escape Room Attractions.

Throw More Than Just A Super Bowl Party This Year

The Super Bowl is coming up soon. Every year people gather together to throw what they think is an awesome Super Bowl party. We’re not trying to knock the average party, but at DJ Phantom we do parties and events a little different. Think of it like we bring the carnival to you! Here are some epic attractions that will make your Super Bowl party better than anything you’ve ever experienced.

Just because there is a football game on, doesn’t mean everything has to stop. For those people who would rather party than sit and watch, our Inflatable Games and Obstacle Courses provide excitement and unintentional competition. Obstacle courses are a great inflatable party rental. These allow 2 people at a time to race through and challenge each other.

Speaking of competition, DJ Phantom has the most competitive games to play while the Super Bowl game is playing in the background. Everyone at the party will forget about the football game when you tell them about the Gladiator Joust. After a few drinks, testosterone runs wild so it’s easy to enjoy yourself with this attraction.

Contact DJ Phantom today and reserve your inflatable party rentals before Super Bowl Sunday!

Why Party Amusements Are More Than Bounce Houses

If you’re throwing any kind of event with children or young adults soon, you may be thinking of renting a bounce house. Bounce houses are fun. It gives kids an active way to play and enjoy a day together. At Phantom Entertainment, we know that parties are about so much more than bounce houses. While bounce houses often come in a theme, you can build an entire theme party with far more than that. A real amusement an entertainment company has every angle covered from fun foods, to amusement rides to carnival games.

Examples of parties that should have a theme include:

  • Milestone birthday parties
  • School festivals
  • Reward celebrations

The next time you’re ready to plan a party, you need complete entertainment solutions. That’s where Phantom Entertainment comes in. We provide attendants with all of our amusements so that you can focus on the party while we focus on safety. There’s no worry about setup and breakdown because we’ll take care of it. All you need to do is provide us with some outlets and a large enough space for our amusements. Contact Phantom Entertainment and let us help you throw a party that you’ll never forget!

Why Inflatables Are Perfect For Your Summer Event

This summer, it’s going to be hot. People will appreciate any way that they can cool down. Luckily, Phantom Entertainment has some great options to keep the fun going and cool the temperatures flowing at the same time. From slip n slides to inflatable water slides to wet obstacle courses, our company has a wide variety of wet and cool amusements for you. We even offer a fun, challenging game of water tag! Phantom Entertainment can help you set up the ultimate summer soaker for your organization’s next event.

All you need is an outdoor power source and a water source to run any of these amusements and we can easily hook you up to summer fun! These inflatable amusements are fun for all ages. You can easily create a themed party with just a a few different kind of slides or other inflatable water amusements. Mix and match with Phantom Entertainment’s array of choices to create a theme party. Rent our mechanical surf simulator, pirate photo novelties, or a ride-on mechanical shark for the ultimate water-themed event.

The best part is that all of our rides and amusements come with attendants. You just have to provide the space and we take care of the rest! Contact PhantomEntertainment today for more information and let us help you start planning the perfect summer event for our organization. Phantom Entertainment is ready for summer, how about you?

Why You Should Rent A Paintball Game For Your Next Event

There’s nothing better than fun activity that also provides some exercise and team building. Paintball is one of those games that does just that. As players run around, they need strategy and camaraderie in order to win the game. PhantomEntertainment has plenty of options available to you for fun, entertainment, and team building. Our portable paintball games are one of those great activities.

No matter how big your group is, many different people will be able to play over a 4 hour period of rental. We have special rules for our paintball games that allow you to accommodate your entire group.

Games are played either in groups of 2 or 3
The number of balls are limited to keep the games moving, allowing more players to participate

We Provide:

  • Arena
  • Paintball markers (guns)
  • Air tanks
  • Paintballs
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Jerseys
  • Pants
  • Referees
  • Bunkers

As you can see, all you need to bring are your players, power outlets, and an outdoor space!

Weather Doesn’t have To Be A Factor

When you rent our outdoor paintball set, you may worry about the weather, but don’t fret any longer! If weather doesn’t permit, then we can move the party to an indoor space. We have something available called air bunker ball. This can be used without the arena and still makes use of the same bunkers that are used in paintball. Even if the weather is nice, you can always use air bunker ball in lieu of messier paint balls. Just let us know!

Contact Phantom Entertainment today to make your next event super special. We bring all the fun right to you! Our services are great for church groups, schools, summer camps, birthday parties, and more.

How To Raise Money With A Mini Golf Tournament

Phantom Entertainment provides a variety of services from amusement rides to carnival food. As the weather gets warmer, we start thinking about these fun activities.

The spring is a great time to hold a fundraiser for your organization using some fun activities. You may have heard about golf tournament fundraisers, but maybe you never thought about holding a mini golf tournament. The great thing about mini golf is that everyone can participate. You don’t need to know how to golf in order to play, so families with children can come along as well. Below, you’ll find some steps to creating the perfect mini golf fundraiser.

Decide what you’ll charge to play

Hire Phantom Entertainment to provide the golf course and the fun refreshments

Select a location

Decide on what type of contests you’ll hold

Get local sponsors for each hole

Advertise the event

Set a rain date

Once people start signing up for your epic mini golf tournament, you’re well on your way to raising money for your cause or organization. The fun is just beginning! If people seem to like the event, they may look forward to an annual invitation. You’re even doing some good in the community by soliciting local sponsors and advertising for them at each hole for a small fee that will go towards your cause. Attendees will feel good too, knowing that they are helping a good cause.

Contact Phantom Entertainment today and let us help you set up your very own mini golf tournament to raise money for your organization with our entertainment rentals.

How To Hold A Perfect Spring Carnival

Spring is here! That means it’s time for your organization to start thinking about what events you’ll hold this season. Phantom Entertainment can assist you in planning a great carnival. From inflatable games to cotton candy machines to a variety of carnival-style rides, we have a lot to choose from.

  • Rides
  • Bathtub Racers
  • The Phantom Rock N Roller
  • Mechanical Bulls
  • Mechanical Ride-On Sharks
  • Surf Simulator Machine
  • Snowboard Simulator
  • Rock Wall
  • Trackless Train
  • Carnival Games
  • Can Smash
  • Hippo Toss
  • Mini Hoop
  • Plinko
  • Ring Toss
  • Crazy Golf

And many, many more!

  • Fun Foods
  • Popcorn
  • Sno Cones
  • Cotton Candy
  • Nachos
  • Funnel Cakes

How To Choose A Theme

Phantom Entertainment makes it easy to choose a theme for your carnival. The great thing is that with our services, there are no restrictions. You can use your imagination, mixing and matching everything that you’d find at a carnival from rides to food to games.   Here’s a few ideas of how you can keep with a theme at the carnival:

  • Western theme
  • Beach theme
  • >Sports theme

Take a look around our site, and contact us with any questions. Get your creative juices flowing and let us bring the amusement park to you. We serve a wide area from Baltimore, Maryland to Pittsburg, Pennsylvania all the way up to Albany, New York and Virginia. Start planning your organization’s exciting spring event today!

Why Keepsakes From The Party Make It Special

Novelty Masters is a division of Phantom Entertainment that provides custom novelties and photo keepsakes to give as favors at your parties and events. You can put your photo in any setting that you want. Photos can be placed on items that can be personalized like photo mugs and photo keychains. These will be keepsakes that will be cherished by people. They also have practical uses. There will be enough to go around for everyone in the party, so there’s no fighting over who will get to have a keychain or mug!

*Our base price includes 100 mugs or keychains. Of course, more items can be added as needed. Just give us a call for our special pricing.

Some theme and scene ideas that we have available:

  • Western theme
  • Pirate ships
  • 1950’s
  • Gangster theme
  • Magazine covers
  • build your own bobble head
  • Human snow globe
  • Photo telescopes
  • Letter name art
  • And so much more

Really, with any party theme that you can hope to create, Phantom Entertainment can help. We have everything from the beginnings of a great party theme all the way down to the finishing touches that will make any event special. Why give out boring old party favors when your guests can have personalized favors?
Phantom Entertainment and its affiliates brings the party and the entertainment to you. We can help make any event special from college events, birthdays, graduation parties, post-prom parties, church events, corporate parties, private parties, and any other event that you can think of. Contact us today to always keep the party fresh and exciting!

What Is Extreme Laser Tag?

As the winter months have set in, it’s tough to find both fun and active activities for your organization that can be held indoors. Phantom Entertainment’s Extreme Laser Tag is the exception to the rule!

With a sizable indoor area, we’ll come in and set up our awesome laser tag, which includes a large on-screen score board and a laser power blaster system. The set up will take up and area approximately 40 ft x 40 ft and 8.5 ft high. There’s over 20 different rooms to hide in! The unit even comes complete with strobe lights, black lights, a sound system, and fog.   

While you’ll need a sizable space to have this set up (complete with 3 AC power circuits), if you have a place to hold a laser tag event, what an event it will be! Kids and adults alike will have a blast, running around and playing this game of skill, even when when the temperature is frigid. Think of how you could transform a gymnasium, for example. The children would be over the moon!   

Phantom Entertainment is the place that will bring the amusement park to you! With everything from carnival foods to arcade games to mechanical bulls, we truly are the definition of entertainment. Contact us today and make your next event bigger and better than ever. In a world obsessed with screens, we still make the real world fun!   

Make Your Own Stuffed Animals This Holiday Season

What could be better this holiday season than throwing a party and allowing your guests to make their very own stuffed animals? There’s few things that will make kids more excited! Let’s face it, there’s few things that make adults more excited either! Whether your party guests make these stuffed animals as gifts for themselves or want to give them away to someone else, the whole process is pure creative fun.

Phantom Entertainment can provide you with your very own machine to help your guests make their own stuffed animals. We have a wide variety of animals to choose from including:

  • Teddy bears
  • Bulls
  • Dogs
  • Lions
  • Giraffes
  • Panda bears
  • Reindeer
  • Moose
  • Horse
  • Frogs
  • Kangaroos

And many more!

Be advised that our animals may not be available on short notice, so the earlier you book your party, the more likely you are to get the animals you’re looking for. For an additional fee, you can even request a variety of clothing options for the animals, including t-shirts with your logo on them.

Having your very own stuff-a-bear machine is a great jumping off point for any holiday party theme. It will teach kids the nature of giving and inspire some fun in the lives of adults.

Whether you choose to hand stuff the animals or pick a package that includes the stuffing machine, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time at any holiday party featuring Phantom Entertainment’s stuff-a-bear package.