Have Fun With A Drive In Movie This Summer

You could have a blast by having your very own drive in movie this summer. There’s so many reasons why going to the drive-in completely rocks. Here, we will help you to know all of the components you will need for an amazing night at the movies under the stars.

Drive-ins are often a cheaper option then going to a regular movie theater. People pack into cars and bring their own picnics for a fun filled night at the movies. Drive-ins are often meant for viewing more than one movie. People could be out having fun all night long at your drive-in event, watching movie after movie. A drive-in doesn’t have to be fancy, it’s all about the fun, the food and the friends. Also, drive-ins are great for kids because they don’t need to sit still and be quiet through the entire film. Here’s just some of the reasons we think having your own drive-in movie is great:

Outdoor grilling is allowed
You can bring all the food you want
If you’re having a fundraiser you can sell popcorn and candy at the event
People can even bring their dogs

Here at DJ Phantom, we have everything that you need to host a drive-in night this summer. Here’s hoping you take advantage of the fun and call us for your next event entertainment rental.


Getting Sudsy At Foam Dance Parties

Foam and dancing seem to be two things that don’t go together. Dancing is great exercise and it’s easy to break a sweat while doing it. Foam is fun and it cools you down. The question might be why not put foam and dancing together? Dancers will be contained in an inflatable dance floor where foam is plentiful and constantly moving around. Add music and you have yourself a dance party! Foam dance parties became popular in the electronic music scene and have expanded from there. A foam dance party turns your backyard into a club!

In case you need some songs for your playlist at your foam dance party, here’s a few ideas:

  • Outkast “So Fresh So Clean”
  • The Monkees “Good Clean Fun”
  • TLC “No Scrubs”
  • Rose Royce “Car Wash”
  • Christina Aguilera “Dirty”

These are just some suggestions of great songs that remind us of, well, soap!

If you’re worried about safety, all of our activities are supervised by our staff, so we can ensure all equipment is properly functioning during a party for the safety of your guests. You can provide your own music or for an additional fee, we can set you up with a professional DJ. Our foam parties are also available in two size basins- large or extra large. Whatever you choose, we promise you’ll have a blast at your foam dance party!

Party Like A Stuntman

If you have ever wondered what it’s like to be a stuntman on a Hollywood film set, you’ve come to the right place. Our company brings the party to you with all sorts of amusement rentals including Sky Fall. Sky Fall simulates what it’s like for a stuntman to fall from a building, seemingly a dangerous fall. The good news is that the stuntmen (and you) will fall right onto an air bed below them.

This attraction can be an exciting thing for any group at a variety of different occasions. It’s perfect for a Hollywood themed party where you can literally feel what it’s like to be in the movies. Maybe someone who is graduating is heading from the East coast to Los Angeles. Perhaps the person of honor at the party just really loves action movies. The Sky Fall is just plain exciting!

Zero Shock Technology

The thing that keeps stuntmen safe is what is called “zero shock technology.” This brings your experience to life on your day as a stuntman. This technology is the most advanced shock absorbing technology in the world. This feature allows every jump and every party goer to be safe while having tons of fun.

Your Party Will Be Attended

DJ Phantom has experienced staff to help keep you and your guests safe at every one of your events where you rent some of our entertainment equipment. Contact us for your next fun event!

Hungry Human Hippos Inflatable Party Rental


Get ready…Get set…time to chow down you hungry hippos!  Hungry Human Hippos is the latest interactive game available from Phantom Entertainment.  This great inflatable party rental is guaranteed to keep your guests and players laughing for hours. Phantom Entertainment has this unit available for your event today!

Players try to grab as many balls from the center as they can within 30 seconds. The player with the most balls after 30 seconds is the winner.

This multi-player game is especially great for College Events, Post Prom and Post Grad Parties, and church functions.

November 2015 Specials…get ’em before they’re all booked up!

Phantom Entertainment is running some specials for the Month of November 2015.  Mechanical bulls are priced at $800 for up to 4 hours.  This price includes Harley The Hog, Great White Shark, Hammerhead Shark, Touchdown Tumble, Football Helment, and Whirling Wizards.  Units are available for up to 4 hours on any date in November.2014060795103534

Travel and lodging may be additional depending on your location. Our bull systems require 2 dedicated 110 Volt, 15 Amp AC circuits and dimensions of 16ft x 16ft area.


Mobile Zip Line is specially priced at $1895/up to 4 hours. Get this unit reserved quick before someone else does! Requires a 30ft x 200ft area.  This is fun for all ages and does not require any electric to operate. Again Travel and lodging apply to your event location.

Finally, the Skyfall Stunt Jump is being offered at the low price of $1500/up to 4 hours.

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Phantom Entertainment inflatable party rental, inflated games, mechanical bull rentals, mobile zip line, inflatable games, amusement rides, mobile zip lines, stunt jump, carnival ridss, amusement rides, giant slides, obstacle courses, moon bounces, photo novelties.

2015 will be a big year for Phantom Entertainment’s new items.

Phantom’s new Battlezone is an amazing high rise jousting experience. At 30ft long by 20ft wide, this unit can be the center piece of any event.  Two participants climb their stairs and then meet at the middle of the yellow tube.  The Battlezone is available now.   Throughout history, a jousting beam, in one form or another, has provided wild entertainment and competition for thousands of fans and competitors alike.

It starts off with families and friends combating one another, but by the end of the day, it has
become a free-for-all with everyone wanting to take down the ‘King-of-the-Hill’.

Battle zone, the amazing high rise jousting game.

KAPOWIE is a multi-player game where participants race against each other through a circular inflatable obstacle course with rotating boom arms, that comes into contact with the player at knee/thigh level.

Each player will have their own lane, until the final straight whereboth players race to the finish line.

How it’s played

  • Two participants set off at the same time at separate entrances to the game.
  • They will then run through set lanes that have inflatable obstacles in them.
  • These lanes are based on concentric circles, so participants will have to `turn back on themselves’ three times.
  • The game is a race, so at the end, both participants will run down the same lane to the finish line.
Kapow is an incredible obstacle course with moving parts.

Meltdown is our 8 player action game, which challenges your stamina, agility and reactions.

Not one but two spinning boom arms try to knock you off your podium. You have to duck underneath or jump over the foam boom. Who will be the last one standing?

The bright green contrasts beautifully with the black, grey and yellow for a vivid toxic meltdown theme.

Meltdown is a fun game for the whole family.

Meltdown 8 Player game